Wednesday, 2 May 2012


After 3 weeks of long days and late nights the building of the venue is almost complete, the bar has been 'crafted', the electrics are being installed, doors are on their hinges and the carpet is being pinned to the walls.  Almost time to see how soundproofed this thing is!?

With further work going on behind the scenes, line-up's are being finalised, programmes have been printed, the PA is arriving, fridges have been scrounged and the bar has been stocked with the help of some kind folk with reliable credit cards.

Not a bad job with 2 days to go until the first gig, which is sure to be a belter with Joeyfat, Palehorse and Theo bravely stepping into the firing line on Saturday night, courtesy of promotion stalwarts of the London DIY scene - Silver Rocket and Rip This Joint.  The countdown begins......................

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