The self-built and self-funded temporary venue is being constructed in one corner of a vast warehouse space that will house various other structures and events over the summer period.  Our aim is to build a live music venue of up to 100 capacity, including stage area and small bar.

Scroll down to see images of the venue building in progress.  Where possible the venue has been constructed from reclaimed materials - found set flats for the walls, scrap timber framework and reclaimed carpet and mattresses for sound proofing.  This is ultimate DIY!


  1. Amazing! Stu well impressed. Will try to come down to one of your events x Maxine

  2. I'm particularly loving the mattress insulation! Go Boys xxx

  3. I've just come here via NoiseStar and am very impressed - these photos are great as well - must try and get along to some of your events. Will be mentioning you in my shows anyway - well done.